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ESIS E Billing Instructions

Electronic (EDI) Billing

  • ESIS is able to accept bills and attachments via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • ESIS EDI clearinghouse is WorkCompEDI      
  • ESIS’s Payer ID number is CQ200.
  • In order to submit bills and attachments via EDI through WorkCompEDI to ESIS,      submitters must first establish an account with WorkCompEDI or a designated partner of WorkCompEDI.
  • Available partners of WorkCompEDI include RelayHealth, RealMed, GatewayEDI, Quantum Health Automation, P2Plink and many more.
  • To establish an account, contact WorkCompEDI at (800) 297-6909.
  • To obtain a list of WorkCompEDI’s Payer ID numbers for other payers who accept EDI bills and attachments visit     

Hints for Successful EDI Bill Submissions

  • ESIS may reject bills if the providers' Tax ID Number (TIN) is not in our system. Please verify that the TIN you are submitting is on file with ESIS. This is particularly important for providers using multiple TINs.
  • Submit EDI bills with the providers full and proper name and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. To apply for an NPI number, go to
  • If possible, verify the proper Claim Number prior to transmission.
  • Information on how a health care provider can provide the claim number and how to submit the claim number on the electronic bill, call 800-233-8931.
  • Retain copies of your EDI transmission acceptance reports as evidence of transmission.
  • If you have questions regarding electronic claims submissions, contact WorkCompEDI’s Services Representative at (800) 297-6909.