ESIS Storm Response Services

ESIS offers the resources, technology (ESIS On Call™), and experience to help clients effectively navigate their unique storm response service needs.

From identifying potential onsite health hazards, to comprehensive assessment and quantification of property damages, ESIS has regional consultants readily available to support clients, while using scientifically sound and compliant strategies.

Help when clients need it the most

Our credentialed and licensed team of specialists works with clients to develop a comprehensive plan to access and assess storm-impacted properties for damaged structural elements, building mechanical systems, and industrial process equipment. We work with clients to identify possible risks as a result of these damages to include chemical, physical, and biological hazards.

ESIS’ storm damage assessments are tailored to individual site environments as well as client objectives, and may include the following:

  • Identification of hazardous contaminants present in floodwater, soil, structural elements, and critical mechanical systems
  • Identification and quantification of water-damaged building materials, including materials containing atypical fungal growth
  • Differentiate between water damage that is directly related to the storm event, and damage that likely existed prior to the event (pre-existing)
  • Develop safe work plans to abate, remove, and dispose of storm-damaged building elements and mechanical systems, based on published professional standards (ANSI, ASHRAE, etc.) and local, State and Federal regulatory requirements. ESIS can offer experienced and recognized experts in property assessment and hazardous material response often required in the aftermath of major weather events to both large commercial, hospitality, medical, and industrial clients. Our past project history involves management and mitigation of the following hazards:
    • Atypical mold and fungal growth,
    • Asbestos-containing materials,
    • Damaged lead-based coatings,
    • Legionella and other microbial contaminants which may be present in compromised potable water systems, life-critical systems, HVAC systems, and cooling towers, and
    • Harmful chemicals spilled from industrial process equipment, leaking storage tanks, or disseminated by floodwaters from hazardous waste sites and landfills to adjoining properties.
Industries successfully served by ESIS during a natural disaster include:
  • Hospital and Nursing Home Management and Ownership Groups
  • Major metropolitan school districts and government buildings
  • International Property Management companies
  • Major Retail Chains
  • Large-scale hotel and time-share ownership and management
  • Fortune 500 chemical, energy, manufacturing, and oil and gas companies

For additional information and service requests, please contact the following ESIS regional response coordinators:

  1. Texas
    Wes Cochran, CIH, CSP
    Principal Consultant
    T 512.585.9445

  2. Central Gulf Coast
    Stephen Donham, CIH
    Principal Consultant
    T 985.788.9397

  3. Florida
    Steve Luecke, CIH, CSP
    Principal Consultant
    T 813.858.1277