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  • New Advocacy Model, ESIS Care, Eliminates Perceived Barriers within the Workers Compensation Claims Process

ESIS Care is the next level in custom care for our clients and your injured workforce. We have carefully crafted an end-to-end suite of strategically integrated risk and claim management services, paired with customized nurse solutions, and claims service professionals who have specialized knowledge to support your unique program needs.

We Are Your Partner, Beginning to End

As your advocate and consultative partner, ESIS is prepared to answer questions, simplify complexities throughout the claim process, and ensure superior medical care is provided to injured employees. Our advocacy solution, ESIS Care, raises the bar on prompt return-to-work and offers a seamless claims process for injured employees while helping to achieve optimal cost savings for employers. ESIS’ Care Champions reinforce the trust relationship between employers and employees by helping injured workers navigate the claims process through collaboration, communication, and transparency.

What is Advocacy?


ESIS is your consultative partner and first point of contact from day one. We proactively work with you and streamline communication to ensure a smooth claims process and prompt return-to-work. Our Care Champions offer injured employees with certainty, trust, confidence, and motivation, resulting in shorter claim durations, lower costs, and reduced litigation.


We take an early intervention approach by ensuring accurate and timely information is provided to injured workers on a continual basis. We help establish expectations and serve as a primary point of contact to guide injured employees during each step of the process.


ESIS is committed to being transparent throughout the workers compensation process to ensure expectations are clear and injured workers know what to expect ahead of time. We know that full transparency helps maximize outcomes and reduce the chance of litigation. By the conclusion of each call, our Care Champions ensure that injured employees fully understand the process and are clear on necessary details.

Employer and Employee Benefits

  • Eliminate perceived barriers within the workers compensation claims process
  • Improved return-to-work rate due to ESIS’ continual care and concern for employees, and constant communication and consultative care from day one
  • Decrease in litigation rates as a result of fewer instances of employee dissatisfaction or confusion
  • Reduced length of treatment and subsequent medical costs on claims
  • Partnership and consultation for injured workers resulting in a simplified claims process
  • Maximized claim outcomes
  • ESIS’ integrated design keeps employees at the center of the claim process, from start to finish
  • Promoting additional collaboration and trust helps increase productivity and employee satisfaction

 Clients utilizing these models have realized a significant reduction in litigation:

  • One of our clients annualized their cost savings at $2M
  • In a pilot of California claims, another client reduced their litigated claims in an 18-month period from 21% to 10.1%

ESIS Care Champions: We Have Dedicated Care Champions for All Touch Points to Support Your Unique Program Needs

Intake Care Champion

Enhance our approach by establishing a positive tone and appropriate next steps with the injured workers, effective day one of intake.

Claims Care Champion

Provides injured employees with end-to-end guidance throughout the workers compensation claims process.

Clinical Care Champions

We have enhanced the existing nurse level advocacy role on all claims for which triage case management (TCM), telephonic case management (TCM) and field case management (FCM) are assigned. ESIS’ Clinical Care Champions work closely with employees, treating providers, and employers to help ensure that employees understand their treatment and recovery plan.

Client Care Champions

As an employer, you understand the claims process can be confusing and frustrating for your employees; however, you also want to maximize cost savings and minimize claim duration. In order to eliminate perceived barriers within the workers compensation claims process and reduce litigation rates, ESIS has established a dedicated advocacy partner, Client Care Champions — the next level in custom care for our clients and your injured workforce.

• We tailor ESIS Care to your employee relationship model, utilizing either a Care Champion with a medical background (nurse case manager), or a non-medical/administrative support, customer service focused Care Champion.

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