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ESIS Medical ImpactSM

Emphasizing maximum savings for our clients and the best possible care for your employees.

ESIS Medical Impact is outcomes-focused and enables us to leverage our medical management expertise throughout the life of each claim and across each line of risk. It provides the means to help our clients achieve significant cost savings while ensuring that return-to-work objectives are met.

ESIS Medical Impact provides a suite of medical programs and extensive clinical resources to ensure clients have access to the highest quality of care. This approach minimizes loss costs and helps return injured employees back to good health, and then work.

  • ESIS blocked $23M in pharmacy prescriptions that were outside our customized formulary
  • 61% of injured workers return to work through ESIS’ field case management services
  • ESIS medical bill review and PPO resulted in total savings of $1B
  • ESIS’ PPO savings from original billed charges exceeded our competition by 26% (6.3% vs. 5%)
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Managing the medical component of workers compensation costs whitepaper

Learn how bill review, case management, and data analysis can produce dramatically improved results when accessed via an integrated claims management approach.

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