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Environmental Health Laboratory

ESIS’ Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) provides sampling media and analyzes samples taken to evaluate employee exposures to dust and chemicals used in the workplace using OSHA, NIOSH and in-house methods.

EHL services include:

  • Organic solvent analyses by Gas Chromatography with flame ionization, nitrogen/phosphorus, and electron capture detectors.
  • Total, respirable and inhalable dust analyses using Micro Balances in our environmentally controlled room.
  • Welding fume and metals analyses using Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP).
  • Organics analyses of PAH's, aldehydes and pesticides using Liquid Chromatography with a UV diode array detector.
  • Analyses of anions and cations by Ion Chromatography with conductivity detection.
  • Asbestos bulk identification and quantitation of air fiber concentrations by polarized light and phase contrast microscopy.
  • Minican/Whole Air Canister collection of samples and subsequent sub part per billion (ppb) analysis using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy analyses (EPA TO14/TO15).
  • Oil quantitation using gravimetric or liquid extraction using the ASTM protocol.
  • Perform spore trap and fungal tape analysis to determine airborne and surface contamination of fungi/mold.


  • Comprehensive quality control program – AIHA-LAP, LLC Lab #100127 Accredited
  • Technical advice by professional staff
  • Average turnaround time of six days
  • Three-day turnaround on common metals, gravimetric, and asbestos
  • Free overnight shipment when six samples or more are received
  • Phone, e-mail, or facsimile reports as requested