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ESIS Ergonomics Evaluations and Training services integrate sound ergonomic principles with practical, cost effective solutions that help you reduce ergonomic losses, promote employee comfort, and maximize productivity gains. Our approach to engineering controls utilizes analytical methods to quantitatively assess occupational risk factors and prioritize tasks to help you achieve maximum loss reduction benefits form job design interventions. Through ergonomic program development and training, we strive to inject ergonomics principles into the culture of an organization so that changes can be lasting and the benefits long-term.

Our Ergonomics services include:

  • Functional Job Assessment
  • Ergonomics Task Evaluation
  • Ergonomics Gap Analysis/Program Audit
  • Ergonomics Training


  • Greater control to help eliminate ergonomic factors that are the root cause of injuries
  • Improved employee comfort and job satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and production of operations
  • Strengthened employee ergonomic behaviors through advanced and customized ergonomics training programs
  • Advanced analytical assessment of equipment and techniques
  • Expert guidance on regulatory ergonomic requirements
  • Levels of ergonomic service capabilities to better fit your organizations needs and budget
  • Realized design changes and ergonomic program developments to help facilitate lasting improvement and results

ESIS Health, Safety and Environmental Services

Health and Safety

Safety Consulting

  • Construction Safety
    • Construction Site Safety Manager (CSSM)
    • Pre-Construction Planning
    • Construction Jobsite Surveys
    • Construction Site Management Reports
    • Emergency Inspections
    • Baseline Loss Analysis
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergo Claims Validation Tool